About Our Company

With close-on a decade of expertise in delivering bespoke solutions in private sector, trade, and investment development, we act on behalf of governments, foundations, and corporations to tackle enterprise and market system-level challenges. We also support and equip international development firms with the local capacity to design and deliver productive bespoke projects – from strategy to results attainment reporting.

As forerunners of economic development business consulting, we specialize in inclusive agribusiness and market systems development, trade and investment promotion, enterprise development, and business modeling – applying market systems and value chain development approaches. We possess tested skills in on-point value chain analysis, trade, and investment, to foster future-focused jobs and income growth in Africa.

Having led five multi-million USD programs across diverse technical fields and corporate cultures, our in-house team of thought leaders and associates follow global best practices in development and management consulting. We offer in-depth insights into fostering productive innovation ecosystems between the government, private sector, and civil society organizations to enhance cooperative action and deepen the programmatic impact.

As specialists in supporting trade, investment, market linkages, and income growth in agriculture, agribusiness, manufacturing, tourism, and agri-processing sectors, Ndarama provides deal pipeline development and transaction advisory services that deliver measurable value for both capital seekers and providers. Our seasoned technical team also knows how to foster private sector-led development of inclusive business models that strengthen links between large and small private companies in various value chains, including SMEs and smallholder farmers.

Well-versed in managing multi-country projects across Southern, East, and West Africa, we have conducted more than 100 value chain analyses of cash and food crops, livestock, and natural resource-based sectors. Ndarama applies these insights to develop captivating implementation plans for our valued clients’ long-term projects.

Operating from our Pretoria (Tshwane) offices in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, Ndarama Works retains capacity and networks across the African continent and international affiliations to initiate and run large-scale, big-ticket projects on extended timelines.

With us, you are assured of proven best-of-breed proficiencies across a broad spectrum of program development and execution, with the innovative thinking that delivers way beyond expectation and well within scope.

We regularly train and coach internal and client practitioners and teams in economic development and job creation, market-based value chain development, and business model analysis to nurture talent from within and without – and ultimately build the universal intelligence at work on the African continent.

Our Values


To question and contribute to meaningful, sustainable economic development models that deliver lasting impact where it matters most.


Enabling enterprises to find, deliver, and sustain their competitive advantage for the greater good.


An uncompromising commitment to the highest standard of service delivery built on left-field inquiry and conscientious service delivery.
Authentic impact
We base each bespoke solution on its practicality in implementation and its meaningfulness to service users.
Because what we do and how we do it matters so crucially to us, our clients, and their clients, we apply responsive sensitivity in all our endeavors.
As more than just responsible corporate citizens, but vanguards of positive change, we subscribe to the highest ethical standards and respect for laws.